Geerarsaa: A Multifaceted Genre of the Oromoo Oral Art

  Full Length Research Paper Geerarsaa: A multifaceted Genre of the Oromoo Oral Art   Zelealem Aberra Tesfa (MA)   Helsinki, Finland Email: From Gadaa Journal Volume 4, No.2, June 2021  Abstract Geerarsaa , is an Oromoo folksong, a repository for different kinds of emotionally charged messages, sung on different occasions to address different issues. Based on the representative samples obtained from manuscripts, the author’s recollection and other sources, this study attempts to reveal the lyrical nature of geerarsaa , its major communicational purposes and features, and the messages it conveys pertaining to praise (faaruu), ridicule (ciigoo); resentment (roorroo), delight ( gammachuu ); humorous (qoosaa) or non-humorous (fardii). The study employs a descriptive and analytical approach to reveal the overriding purposes of geerarsaa and the social and historical factors that shapes its purposes and its features. The anal