Miti-Dhiirota Masaraa Mootii Chaayinaa *** Faarsuu Oromoon buddeeniif faarsu keessaa: “ Yaa buddeen dhirsa dhiiraa” inni jedhu toora tokko. Oromoon “ Buddeen mootii dhaa” jedhas. Ulfinni buddeenniif qabnu hammam gudda akka ta’e himu jechoonni kun . Asmaaronnis yeroo buddeeniif weeddisan: “ Badhaasaa Calqanii, Badhaasaa Calqanii kan buddeen ajjeese madaasaa hin arganii” jedhu. Abbaa hubateef weedduun asmaarotaa kun hiika sadan tokko of keessa qaba. Inni tokko waayee isa buddeen dhabee beelaan du’uu ta’usaati. Inni lammaffaa waayee argu-itti-haree, guyyaa guutuu waa nyaachaa oolu, kan wichiroon buddeena ykn ( obesity )  galafatee yoo ta’u; inni sadaffaanii fi inni cimaan, walaloo kana waliin caalaa hidhata qabu garu akkataa itti buddeenich argme irratti xiyyeeffata. Buddeenen argame sun heeraa fi seera, safuu fi maal naan jedhuu boraafateetu argame moo abiyichi buddeeniif jedhee jira du’e, buddeeniif jedhee eenyummaasaa ajjeese laata gaaffii jedhu calaqqisa. Namichi akkasiin
 Dear colleagues,  The following is a letter of appeal written by Oromoo scholars and professionals to bring the suffering  of the Oromoo people to the attention of the international community, with the objective of appealing   for intervention in Ethiopia and bring to an end the ongoing bloodshed in Oromiya. *** ZAT   March 22, 2021 Oromo Scholars and Professionals Contact Email:   To whom it may concern: Subject: Appeal for Intervention in Ethiopia to End the Ongoing Bloodshed in Oromia Oromia, the largest of the ten Regional States of Ethiopia has been under martial rule since mid-2018. Currently, the Ethiopian security forces are repeating in Oromia the so-called policy of “keeping law and order” that has brought immense disaster on the civilian population of Tigray, as noted by several human rights organizations and governments. While international public attention is focusing largely on the tragedy of the Tigrayan people, the situation in Oromia

Adwa and Abyssinia’s Participation in the Scramble for Africa: Has that Relevance to the Ongoing Oromo protests? Mekuria Bulcha, PhD, Professor

 1 Adwa and Abyssinia’s Participation in the Scramble for Africa: Has that Relevance to the Ongoing Oromo protests? Mekuria Bulcha, PhD, Professor Whenever an Oromo scholar or politician mentions Menelik or his conquest of Oromia, the scathing criticism that meets him or her is that history is irrelevant for the current crisis. They are often advised to stop looking backwards and to focus on the future. Meanwhile, the irony is that in the lead up to and weeks after the 121st anniversary of the Battle of Adwa, many Ethiopian scholars and politicians have been engaged in intense debate about this event. In fact, I am all for a debate about Ethiopian history; however, I was surprised when I read an article written by Teshome Borago entitled “Adwa: When Oromos fought Italy as Abyssinians” published on the Ethiomedia webpage on March 3, 2017. Borago wrote the article to commemorate the anniversary of Ethiopia’s victory over Italian forces at Adwa in 1896. By and large, he talks about the vi